Amy Sampson’s Photography Portfolio

I am Amy Sampson, a Midwest born and raised, self-taught photographer who enjoys fresh takes on landscapes and natural lit portraits. My desire to create vibrant images that capture the heart and essence of my subjects.  I’m not only concerned with the aesthetic nature of my photos, but also with the emotion each picture emits.

I want you to not only see what I saw, but to also feel how I felt when I took the picture.

Although I am a teacher by occupation, I spend most of my days off and breaks traveling and photographing sites around the United States. I began taking photos around 9 years ago as a hobby after a few friends talked to me about some of the basics and how to use a darkroom. From there my love grew, and I couldn’t take enough pictures.  I wanted every moment to be captured with my camera.

The work you are viewing literally spans the United States and the country of Peru.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the emotions it has the power to convey in our lives are far more lasting.

Thank you for enjoying my portfolio.

One thought on “Amy Sampson’s Photography Portfolio

  1. Hey sweetie! I would love for you to come to our house for a family pic. We want to take a pic with our beautiful red maple tree. (Novemberish)Problem is, I don’t know exact date! Let me know whatcha think.

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