The Starlight Collection

“When I look at the stars, I see myself” Jon Foreman of the band Switchfoot sings in the song, “Stars.”

When I look at the stars I dream, and I am humbled. Tiny specks of light have traveled years, yes years, and here we are, gazing at an old, yet stunning collection of light. Again, humbling.

Since learning how to take starlight photos, I have been able to capture the stars and Milky Way in Peru, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Missouri, and the Adirondacks in New York thus far.

Wherever my travels take me in the future, I always want to remember to get out at least one night of the trip and look upward.


The Milky Way over Long’s Peak. Rocky Mountain National Park. Summer 2013.


The Milky Way over Coporaque, Peru. La Casa De Mama Yacchi. Summer 2013.

Adirondack Evening

Starlight in the Adirondacks. Old Forge, New York. Summer 2013.


Bethel Starlight. DeKalb, Missouri. Bethel Cemetery and Chapel. Winter 2013. Award Winning Shot. 2nd Place. “Beauty of Missouri” category. Missouri Life Magazine. 2013.

One thought on “The Starlight Collection

  1. Amy Sampson ROCKS! She has an eye for God’s nature and creation and what a gift to have her share this extreme talent with everyone. Her work is one of beauty, but I will tell you, if you know her personally you will learn very quickly that she has a heart of GOLD! Love ya, Amy!!

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